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Dealing with elephant attacks in Nepal's mid-west

Publication Date : 20-02-2013


Local people in the Bhimmapur Village Development Committee (VDC)in Nepal's mid-western district of Bardiya have begun construction of electric fences along the Nepal-India border to prevent wild elephants from entering the village.

Wild elephants straying from Indian forests across the border have been troubling local people and destroying houses and crops for past five years.

The electric fence will cover a 15-kilometre distance from Khairichandanpur to the banks of western Karnali river.

Started with support from the National Trust for Nature Conservation (NTNC) and the Green Forest Programme (GFP), the construction work is estimated to be complete within February.

Local people also donated labour and provided wooden poles for the fence while NTNC and the GFP purchased electric wires, solar panel and other electric materials.

NTNC Chief Rabin Kadariya said the move aims at addressing elephant menaces. He estimated that around 1,200 households of the VDC will benefit from the fence.

Local farmer Bishnu Rijal recalled how herd of wild elephants that strayed from Indian forests had destroyed over two dozen houses and sugar cane plants and paddy worth millions of rupees this year alone.


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