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Daewoo microwaves hailed 'best buy' in UK

Publication Date : 16-01-2013


Daewoo Electronics’ microwave ovens were selected as a “best buy” item in the UK to become the first Korean-made appliance to receive such recognition, the Seoul-based company said on Tuesday.

Which, a top UK-based magazine of a charity focused on product testing and consumer campaigning, designated Daewoo Electronics’ ovens as a “best buy” for its high-quality functions, energy efficiency, user-friendly features and brand credibility.

Daewoo said the achievement was particularly significant as its British rivals such as Sharp failed to make the mark, the company said in a statement.

Daewoo Electronics recently has been rolling out popular household appliances, including a miniaturised washing machine that can be wall mounted. The machine won several prestigious design awards at home.

The company’s management woes also may be nearing an end, as Dongbu Group has recently signed a contract to take over the electronics maker, which has been looking for a buyer for over a decade to normalise its operations.

Dongbu said its consortium inked the deal with Daewoo Electronics creditors to purchase the appliance maker for 272.6 billion won (US$256.4 million).


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