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Cuba seeks to expand medical cooperation with Laos

Publication Date : 10-12-2013


Cuba has looked to address the treatment for diseases in Laos by providing medicines to the partner country.

Cuban Centre for State Control of Drugs and Medical Devices Director General Rafael Perez Cristia revealed the intention in an interview with

Lao media at the Cuban Embassy in Vientiane on Friday.

Perez Cristia was visiting Laos to talk with health officials, including Minister of Health Professor Eksavang Vongvichit, and medicine distributors in Vientiane about what medicines the country requires to combat disease.

Perez Cristia spoke about the Cuban government's success in researching herbal medicine, including the drug Vidatox which was recently authorised for import by the Lao Food and Drug Department.

Vidatox is produced from five protein peptides extracted from the venom of the blue scorpion (Rophalorus junceus), which is endemic to Cuba and has analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties.

He explained after 15 years of research, Vidatox has been tested on more than 10,000 cancer patients, some 3,500 of them foreigners, with positive results both in improving quality of life and stopping tumour growth.

As the first importer and distributor of Vidatox in Laos, Sokdy Osoth Import-Export Co. revealed that the medicine was accepted by patients.

According the World Health Report 2000, Cuba received the 39th ranking globally for performance of their health system.

The country is a medical tourism destination with institutions that provide specific medical treatment, including herbal remedies.

During his time Laos, Perez Cristia also said his country wants to provide other medicines to Laos including a drug for rheumatism.




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