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Cracks found in Lotte’s 123-storey building

Publication Date : 05-02-2013


Lotte Engineering and Construction has yet to promptly address cracks in the 123-storey edifice that the company is constructing in its new theme park in Seoul.

Up to 11 cracks were discovered in the main pillar of the building -- known as the “mega column,” the main supporting piece of high-rises -- according to its construction supervisor, Hanmi Global.

Despite Hanmi Global notifying Lotte about it in October, it has yet to address the problem.

Hanmi says while the cracks are not critical as of yet, they could lead to bigger problems.

“To be fair, the cracks have yet to signal any real harm to the overall structure, but that is no reason to ignore the cracks,” said one Hanmi Global official.

Others close to the matter said that Lotte, as it usually happens when the contractor is one of bigger power and authority, is simply choosing not to take much heed to Hanmi’s advice.

“Lotte is dragging its feet,” said the source, declining to be identified.

Lotte allegedly attempted to gloss over the matter by having another smaller company, which remains unidentified, to issue its stamp of approval that the cracks were not a problem.

Meanwhile, Lotte claims that the cracks were due to the heat produced during the welding process, and that there is no reason to halt the construction.

The second Lotte World is a theme park Lotte is building under its namesake, following the first Lotte World. The second Lotte World is expected to stand up to 123 storeys high, at 555 meters tall.


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