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Countdown in Taipei draws record 1.16m without transport difficulties

Publication Date : 02-01-2014


Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation (TRTC) stated yesterday that they smoothly fulfilled their task of transporting huge crowds after the recent New Year's countdown celebrations thanks to staff preparation and passenger cooperation.

Around 1.16 million people participated in the countdown celebration in front of Taipei City Hall on New Year's Eve, setting a new record for number of participants based on statistics gathered by the Taipei City Government. In order to help this huge amount of passengers return home earlier, TRTC deployed an extra 1,123 staff members in nearby metro stations.

TRTC said that the newly opened Xinyi Line helped not only in distributing the crowds during regular hours of operation, but also in transporting passengers on New Year's Eve. According to TRTC, crowd control measures at metro stations concluded at 2:05am yesterday, 40 minutes earlier than last year.

The size of the crowd from New Year's Eve 6am to yesterday 2am was estimated at about 2.75 million people, an increase of 68,000 people compared to last year and a new historical record. The MRT's Bannan Line transported 524,000 passengers and the Xinyi Line transported 245,000.

There were also five shuttle bus routes established to help transport participants to nearby metro stations. Over a total of 236 shifts, the shuttle buses transported around 12,918 passengers.

In addition, the Traffic Division of the Taipei City Police Department implemented a three-stage traffic control scheme in the area around Taipei 101 to maintain order. After the fireworks show, the police opened control areas one by one, and traffic in Xinyi District was dispersed around 2:13am.


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