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Chinese city police chief sacked for failing to curb prostitution

Publication Date : 15-02-2014


Guangdong province party authorities fired the Dongguan police chief in light of media reports about rampant prostitution in the city, China Central Television reported on Friday.

Yan Xiaokang, vice-mayor and the police chief of Dongguan, a prefecture-level city in central Guangdong province, was sacked "for failing to assume his duty in cleaning up the city's sex industry", according to a decision by the standing committee of the provincial party committee of Guangdong.

The report said Yan's failures caused prostitution to flourish in Dongguan, creating a bad image for the city, the report said.

Yan was appointed vice-mayor of Dongguan in August 2008 and has been the city's police chief since January 2012.

The Ministry of Public Security and Guangdong police recently launched an anti-prostitution crackdown in Dongguan, a city known for its thriving sex industry. As of February 10, city police have investigated 1,948 entertainment venues and have placed 162 people under investigation, the police said.


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