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China still 'biggest military threat', Japanese poll shows

Publication Date : 16-12-2013


Asked which countries will become a military threat to Japan, with multiple answers allowed, the largest number of Japanese respondents, 78 per cent, cited China. This was the second time in a row China was the top choice in a Yomiuri-Gallup poll.

The second-largest percentage of Japanese respondents, 74 per cent, chose North Korea, followed by South Korea with 45 per cent and Russia with 40 per cent. It was the first time in a Yomiuri-Gallup joint survey that Japanese respondents rated the military threat from South Korea as higher than that from Russia.

Asked who was most likely to threaten their country, the largest number of Americans, 75 per cent, chose the Middle East. This was followed by North Korea (66 per cent) and China (62 per cent).

In reply to whether the Japan-US security treaty benefits the Asia-Pacific region, 73 per cent of both Japanese and US respondents said yes.

Regarding the scale of the US military presence in Japan, 50 per cent of Japanese respondents said it should be maintained at its current level, compared to 34 per cent who said the US presence should be reduced. Fifty-nine per cent of US respondents favoured maintaining the current level and 21 per cent wanted it reduced.

The joint Yomiuri-Gallup survey also asked which issues involving North Korea the Japanese and US governments, working in cooperation, should give priority to resolving. Topping the list in both Japan and the United States was getting North Korea to abandon its nuclear weapons program, which accounted for 94 per cent of Japanese respondents and 89 per cent of their US counterparts.


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