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Budget airline glitches delay CNY travellers

Publication Date : 11-02-2013


Over 200 passengers who planned to travel in and out of Taiwan via a budget airline were forced to spend Chinese New Year's Eve in airports after their planned flights were cancelled due to mechanical problems and dispatch mishaps, according to local media.

A total of 173 travellers were stranded for 19 hours at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport on Saturday after their 8:20am flight with the Philippine-based Zest Airways was cancelled due to mechanical issues.

Most of the passengers began their journey at 3am yesterday after the airline dispatched an emergency flight to pick them up. Sixteen passengers cancelled their trips as they felt unwell after the long wait

Meanwhile in Boracay, 101 passengers who were scheduled to arrive at Taoyuan airport at 10:20pm Saturday found their Zest Airways flight delayed because of a dispatch problem, as the plane that was supposed to take them to Taiwan was still stranded in Taoyuan airport. The passengers finally landed in Taiwan 11 hours behind schedule at 9:20am yesterday but refused to get off the plane in protest at the delay. The situation was finally resolved after airline officials promised to hand out a NT$2,000 (US$67) compensation to each passenger.

These delays come alongside the news that 34 passengers missed their flight to Japan on New Year's Eve as the airline counter personnel serving the budget airline Jetstar Asia Airways mishandled their boarding procedures.


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