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British luxury liner squeezes under Yokohama bridge... barely

The Queen Elizabeth 3 passes under the Yokohama Bay Bridge late Sunday night to enter Yokohama Port.

Publication Date : 18-03-2014


British luxury liner Queen Elizabeth 3 successfully passed under the Yokohama Bay Bridge to enter Yokohama Port around midnight on Sunday, March 16.

The 90,400-tonne cruise ship stands 56.6 metres high above the waterline, but the bridge is only 55 metres above the waterline at high tide. The ship therefore had to wait until the water was two metres lower at low tide to pass under the bridge.

Unable to clear the bridge last May due to higher water levels, another cruise liner was forced instead to dock at the Daikoku Pier, which is located far from the city centre. The location was unpopular among passengers, with some referring to the view as “dead scenery”. In response, a decision was made to dock the liner at Osanbashi Terminal, located near Yamashita Park and Chinatown, on the current visit.


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