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Bangkok candidates promise a graft-free city

The Anti-Corruption Organisation of Thailand hosts a special event for gubernatorial candidates to express their vision for turning the capital into a transparent and corruption-free city at Bangkok. Photo by The Nation

Publication Date : 27-02-2013


Less than a week before the March 3 Bangkok governors' election, candidates yesterday expressed their vision on how they would rid Bangkok of corruption.

In a special talk to the Anti-Corruption Organisation of Thailand, Pheu Thai candidate Pongsapat Pongcharoen presented four anti-graft measures: instilling morality in young people; second, allowing public participation in the checking of projects for corruption; third, providing mechanisms to check the Bangkok governor; and fourth, establishing two-way communication to permit the public to check corruption.

"If there is corruption in any project while I am Bangkok governor, I will allow checking procedures by the private sector. A governor cannot deny responsibility if there is corruption," he said,

Democrat Party gubernatorial candidate Sukhumbhand Paribatra said he believed transparency was the best measure against corruption. He said that during his governorship, he allowed checks on any project that received corruption complaints.

He said that during his term, opposition to corruption had been ingrained in Bangkok students with a special curriculum called "Growing up with a no-corruption attitude".

Independent candidate Pol General Seripisut Temiyawet claimed an outstanding record for cracking down on corruption.

"I am a corruption buster. I have had a number of achievements in this respect and I am not just offering lip service," he said

To Seripisut, corruption covers other offences like abuse of authority. "When I was police chief, I dealt with corrupt officials who'd allow street hawkers to operate - but when I left my post, they came right back to the streets," he said.

Independent candidate Kosit Suwinitjit said there was no corruption in Singapore because its ministers earned more in salaries than the president of the United States.

He believed having an independent governor was one way to prevent corruption because the governor did not have to take orders from any political party.

He also suggested officials of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administra-tion must be given extra income and bonuses to deter them from finding extra money from corruption.

"But first Bangkok people must first vote for a candidate who allows corruption checks and is willing to step down if they fail to deliver promises or prevent corruption," he said.


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