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Australia pledges additional funds for typhoon rehab efforts in Philippines

Publication Date : 25-03-2014


Australia on Tuesday pledged an additional 403 million pesos (Australian$ 10 million or US$8.86 million) to assist local governments and communities for the rehabilitation efforts in the typhoon-stricken Visayas in the Philippines.

“I am pleased to announce that Australia will provide further contribution for recovery and reconstruction activities in areas devastated by Super Typhoon Yolanda (International Name: Haiyan),” Australian Ambassador to the Philippines Bill Twedell said in a statement.

Twedell made the announcement during his visit to Tacloban City with Philippines Social Welfare Secretary Corazon “Dinky” Soliman.

He commended the efforts of the Philippine government to meet the needs of the people after the disaster and the courage and resilience of the people affected by the monster typhoon.

He said the additional support would be used to restore livelihood, provide logistic support, and build infrastructure projects among others.

He added that Australia would also provide 808 million pesos (A$ 20 million or about US$18 million) to build 500 classrooms in areas greatly devastated by the typhoon.

“The assistance demonstrates the depth of friendship between our two countries. We will continue to coordinate our assistance with the Philippine government and other sectors to ensure that it is reaching those who need it most,” he said.



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