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Asean green building rating index mooted

Publication Date : 18-06-2014


An Asean Green Building Rating Index was mooted during the 13th mid-term meeting of the regional engineering federation which was held recently.

As part of the outcomes from the mid-term meeting of the Asean Federation of Engineering Organisations (AFEO), common green-building standards in all Asean countries were brought up by the technical committee for energy and environment, said the secretary-general of AFEO Lim Chow Hock.

The matter was looked at during the meeting of the AFEO governing board, and will likely be discussed further at their conference in November in Yangon, Myanmar.

“The working group felt that it should be time for an Asean standard ‘green building rating index’” said Lim. “Currently, different countries have their own, so it’s time to re-look at how we can standardise this as much as possible,” he said.

Notably, Singapore has ‘Green Mark’ and Malaysia has its own Green Building Index to measure environmentally friendly standards. Brunei’s Green Building Council, is also pushing to establish a measuring tool and standards for green buildings in Brunei.

On the environmental front, Lim said that the technical committee wanted to address the issue of trans-boundary haze. While Lim agreed that part of the solution will come from the political arena, he said that mitigation and adaptive measures will need engineering solutions.

In addition to reports from the engineering technical working group, the governing board for AFEO also discussed awards for outstanding engineering achievements that contributed to regional growth.



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