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Asean 2015 catalyst for change, steady growth: report

Publication Date : 09-04-2014


As the Asean economic integration 2015 nears its deadline, global information and measurement company Nielsen anticipated Asean 2015 will be the catalyst for rapid change and strong growth across the region. This will open up opportunities for companies which are able to remain agile and anticipate change.

The latest Nielsen report Asean 2015: “Seeing around the corner in a new Asian landscape”, released yesterday, observed current trends in Southeast Asia representing substantial opportunity.

The report cited solid GDP growth forecasts, the expanding middle class consumer population, strong consumer confidence levels and significant investment in infrastructure as factors which play roles in shaping the future of the region.

The new report examines the key factors and implications of Asean 2015, highlighting critical considerations for businesses, and providing strategies to leverage the opportunities and tackle the challenges.

In a press release issued by Nielsen, Regan Leggett, Regional Director of Client Service for Nielsen in Southeast Asia, North Asia and Pacific said that while the marketplace is rife with speculation and opinion on whether the member states are prepared for the 2015 deadline.

The overwhelming majority of business leaders in the region and around the world share the view that Asean will play an increasingly important role.

Leggett said that a significant amount of unresolved uncertainty remains around Asean 2015 and beyond, with little known details and few voices of uncertainty creating nervousness about the outcomes and impact.

“Despite the uncertainty, there are a number of strategies companies can employ now to prepare for Asean 2015, and those who take the time to plan will reap the benefits in the mid to long-term.”

The report cited three strategies to help companies navigate the complexities of Asean 2015.


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