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App developer eyes inroads into Asean

Publication Date : 19-12-2013


Natawut Amornvivat dreams about making his software applications celebrated not only in Thailand but also in the whole region.

He is considering the expansion of his apps - e-wallet and navigation systems - into Asean to exploit the tremendous opportunities for e-commerce and mobile phones in the region.

Natawut, 40, is the only son of former police chief Pol-Gen Sawat Amornvivat.

He said recently that the company sees great potential in offering its e-wallet service for example to individual customers in particular markets who have never used a credit card before.

"There are still many countries in Asean that have not used a lot of credit cards as they have concerns about security," he said.

"The move has created good potential for the company's e-wallet app. Meanwhile, navigation is a worldwide trend, which is in line with the growth of mobile phones in the marketplace," he said.

Like other boys, Natawut was interested in inventions. He decided to study engineering when he went to secondary school.

After graduating in electrical engineering from Chulalongkorn University in 1993, he went to Atlanta in the US and completed the master of science programme in electrical engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1994. He then studied for an MBA at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for two years.

After graduating, Natawut joined management consulting company Booz Allen & Hamilton in 1998. Then from 2001-07, he was general manager of True Internet, a subsidiary of True Corporation. He served as president of the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau from 2007-09.

He is a founder of the "Read for The Blind" Project - an Audiobook platform on smartphones that anyone can be a part of to help the visually impaired.

NatawuitNatawut owns and manages three companies developing apps and providing engineering services.

Tesco (Thai Engineering Service Consultant) has been in business for more than 30 years providing engineering and design services for such projects as factories, buildings and electric train systems. Natawut is a director and board member of the family-owned firm.

It provides engineering, architectural and environmental services to governmental organisations and enterprises.

"We have designed mass transit systems, including both the blue and purple routes. We have also designed a monorail system for the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration," he said.

Focal Intelligence has been open for five years providing ICT solutions and web apps, such as a protection system for using mobile telephones in restricted areas and a navigation system for mobile devices.

Natawut co-founded the company and now is its CEO. It has developed navigation and information apps for the Sukhothai, Si Satchanalai and Kampangpetch historical parks, as well as navigation systems for museums and shopping malls. It has also developed and provided ICT solutions for security, intelligence and navigation companies.

T2P provides payment gateway solutions for e-business and traditional channels. He is one of the founders.

"In the medium to long term, I see a trend of combining and mixing such apps and skills developed by my software companies so that we can provide a total solution as the highest response to the requirements of our clients," he added.


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