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'Amnesty unlikely to be in Thailand's provisional charter'

Publication Date : 22-07-2014


Amnesty is unlikely to be included in the provisional charter, as detailed discussions would be required within the National Reform Council, Reconciliation for Reform Centre director Lt Gen Kampanart Ruddi said on Tuesday.

However he declined to say whether the provisional charter would be delivered when junta chief Gen Prayuth Chanocha is granted an audience with HM the King on Tuesday afternoon.

Kampanart said Gen Prayuth had assigned a legal and justice team to check and compile the legislation pending in Parliament prior to the junta taking power. Any pending legislation would be looked into by the National Council for Peace and Order.

Referring to reports that the amnesty will be included in the provisional charter, Kampanart said the issue should first be discussed by the National Reform Council to see if it is needed and acceptable to the public.

"The National Reform Council will consider whether it is time for the amnesty and if so, who should be covered," he said.

The amnesty law has four steps; fact finding, legal and healing processes and amnesty, he added.

Before an election, politicians and society will be invited to enter into a social contract that they will continue national reform.


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