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'Address cause of rise in rape cases in M'sia'

Publication Date : 29-05-2014


The authorities and the public should acknowledge that violent crime involving youth and teenagers is on the rise, said Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation (MCPF) vice-chairman Lee Lam Thye.

“We have to get to the root of the problem ... what compelled these young ones to commit such crime, especially rape,” he said yesterday in response to the alleged rape of a 15-year-old girl by some 30 men in Kelantan – a case he described as heinous and barbaric.

Parents and academicians, he said, should play their part in addressing the issue.

Lee also said that the culprits “should be punished to the fullest extent of the law”.

Malaysians Against Rape, Assault and Snatch (Marah) founder Dave Avran said the girl could have lost her life due to the trauma of being continuously and mercilessly raped by 30 men.

“At the very least, she will be scarred for life and need ongoing counselling,” he said.

“Not to mention health screening for all manner of sexually transmitted diseases.

“The key to avoiding or reducing such incidents is a holistic approach which has to begin at school.

“Girls must be taught to be less trusting and boys to respect all females.”

He added that increased police presence would also help reduce such unfortunate incidents.

Malaysian Public Service Department’s psychology management director Dr Abdul Halim Mohd Hussin, too, expressed concern that victims would be facing severe low self-esteem, guilt and shame after such incidents.

“They will be depressed. And we have to help them move on,” he said and suggested long-term counselling.

Universiti Sains Malaysia Research Team on Crime and Policing criminologist Dr P.Sundra­moorthy noted that rapists would act with no remorse because they were unable to understand the suffering of their victims.

Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman Department of Psychology and Counselling associate professor Dr Siah Poh Chua said that members of a close-knit group would feel peer pressure to engage in an action they had not done before while feeling less responsibility to do the right thing.


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