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Abe speaks on security in Australia

Publication Date : 09-07-2014


Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe emphasised in the Australian Parliament on Tuesday that Japan and Australia will strengthen cooperative ties especially in the fields of security and the economy.

Abe, the first postwar Japanese prime minister to deliver a speech in the Australian Parliament, gave his speech in English.

Referring to a recent Cabinet decision to reinterpret the Constitution to enable Japan to engage in a limited exercise of the right of collective self-defence, Abe said, “Japan is now working to change its legal basis for security so that we can act jointly with other countries in as many ways as possible”. He indicated his enthusiasm to take legislative action to improve Japan’s legal system in the future.

In his speech, Abe spoke about relations between Japan and Australia, noting that the two countries “have now freed ourselves from one old layer and are now moving towards a new ‘special relationship”.

Abe said the Japan-Australia economic partnership agreement “will be a great catalyst to spark further changes as we open up Japan’s economy”.

Abe emphasised the importance of stronger cooperation between Japan and Australia with regard to the economy, security and a wide range of other areas.

Though he did not directly name the country, Abe voiced caution over China’s high-handed efforts to expand its maritime presence.

“In everything we say and do, we must follow the law and never fall back onto force or coercion. When there are disputes, we must always use peaceful means to find solutions,” he said.


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