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A poignant farewell to flight MH370

Publication Date : 25-03-2014


The fate of MH370 has been sealed. The journey that began in the early hours of March 8 has finally come to an end.

For families and loved ones of the 239 people on board Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, the long wait for some form of closure has finally arrived.

The poignant announcement by the prime minister last night that Flight MH370 is deemed to have crashed into one of the most isolated parts of the southern Indian Ocean is the saddest of all possible endings.

Yet it is still not the end. The painful reality signals a new journey that the families and loved ones now have to embark on.

This will be extremely painful – to lose a loved one, and yet not be able to have something tangible to mourn over.

The questions remain and it will take a long time for full and complete closure to one of aviation’s greatest mysteries.

And for every new information revealed, the pain will come, again and again.

Which is why in this time, more than ever, we need to honour the victims by giving our utmost respect to those they leave behind.

This is such a public event yet the need to respect their privacy must remain paramount.

Having languished between hope and despair, amidst much speculation and false leads, this latest development does provide welcome relief for many a tired soul. But the way forward will not be easy.

The investigations will be difficult, but no effort must be spared, no matter how long it takes, to get to the truth of why MH370 went down.

We owe it to the families and loved ones.


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