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66% Pakistanis oppose drone strikes, says survey

Publication Date : 17-07-2014


Pakistan has been the main front in the drone war, but about 66 per cent people in the country disapprove the US air strikes.

Only three per cent approve the drone while the rest expressed no opinion, says the latest survey by the Washington-based Pew Research Centre.

According to this survey, the drones, a key tool of US national security strategy, have become widely unpopular across the world.

Out of the 44 countries surveyed for this study, 39 oppose US drone strikes targeting extremists. Israel, Kenya and the US are the only nations polled where at least half of the public supports them.

Drones are unpopular even in India, where majorities in recent surveys supported strong military action against the militants. But on the question of drones, those who disapprove the strikes, 36 per cent have an edge over those who approve them, 28 per cent. The rest do not have an opinion.

In Bangladesh, 70 per cent disapprove the strikes while 22 per cent approve them.

With 92 per cent disapprovals, Venezuela tops the list of the nations that oppose the strikes. Only four per cent Venezuelans approve them.

Jordan, where 90 per cent reject and 5 per cent endorse them, is second on the list of disapprovers, followed by Greece with 89 per cent disapproval and 8 per cent approval.

Another Muslim nation where drones are widely unpopular is Egypt, with 87 per cent disapproval and 4 per cent approval.

In Palestine, 84 per cent disapprove and 7per cent approve the strike.

In Turkey, 83 per cent reject the drones while 7 per cent endorse them.

In Malaysia 80 per cent reject them while 6 per cent approve them. In Tunisia, 77 per cent oppose the drones and 17 per cent endorse them.

In Israel, a vast majority, 65 per cent, approves the drones while 27 per cent oppose them.

It is higher than the United States, where 52 per cent approve the strikes while 41 per cent oppose them.

In Kenya, 53 per cent approve the strikes while 38 per cent reject them.

In Nigeria, which is also a victim of terrorism, a simple majority, 42 per cent, approves the drones while 39 per cent disapprove them.

Majorities in America’s Western allies, France Germany and Italy, also disapprove its drone policy.

Even in Britain and Spain, two major victims of terrorism, majorities disapprove the drone strikes.

Among the major powers, Russia leads the opposition to drones with 78 per cent disapproval and 7 per cent approval. In China, 52 per cent oppose the strikes and 35 per cent approve them.


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