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4 years on, Indians still using Sri Lanka war to get British citizenship

Publication Date : 01-01-2014


Some Indians were found to have obtained British citizenship by claiming they were displaced by the war in Sri Lanka's Northern provice, even though the conflict had ended four years ago.

Sources told The Island that they used falsified documents to obtain UK passports, and were part of a large network that was involved in "creating new identities" and forging travel documents.

Asked if the UK government was aware of this, a British home office spokesman said, "The UK has a proud history of granting asylum to those who need it, and each application is considered [based on] its individual merits. Asylum applicants who are Tamil Sri Lankans are identified through language analysis and the applicant's own written or oral statements."

The sources added that Sri Lanka was still considered a "major trouble spot", even though the Northern and Eastern provices have been free of terrorist-related incidents since May 2009. However, with the tightening of regulations over the past few years, over 1,000 Sri Lankans have been involuntarily repatriated.


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